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Hey friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! How did it already come and go so quickly? I have a lot of exciting things in the works during this slower photographing season. It is a time I truly appreciate to better the behind the scenes portion of this business. Nothing amps me up more than knowing I am working towards making a great photography experience for those who let me into their life moments. Stay tuned as I soon reveal my new portfolio website I have been working on!

I have one more wedding that I am really excited to share from 2015, but I thought I would break it up over here and share of some favorite things:

  • Komono watch: I gave myself this watch as a belated Christmas gift. My brother and sister-in-law each have one, and I immediately gravitated towards the style. I love a website that just kills it with their branding and ascetic of their product(s). I snagged the “money penny” in black and gold  (because that seems to be my favorite color these days). Go check out their site because there are a bunch of different options for both male and female.
  • Rifle Paper Notepad: My best friend put this in with my Christmas gift this year 🙂 She knows me well because I love anything within the Rifle Paper family. Floral prints? Yes please. forever and ever.
  • Tell The Wolves I’m Home: Towards the end of my wedding season I could not focus on books that were not non-fiction. When I have a lot on my mind, paying attention to fiction books seems impossible for some reason! However, a lot of my workload is cleared and I am back at in the the fiction world. My most favorite of places. I audibly said “wow” while reading through this book. Something that amazed me about this read was the ability to connect to the main character and her deep, vulnerable honesty. June, a teenager who’s uncle passes away from Aids, learns to find company in an unexpected friend as she heals. This book was instantly fascinating, through the growth of June’s character and discovery of many family secrets.
  • Adele Time Magazine: Let’s all address the center subject of this photo because … Adele. We all love Adele. I was  gifted with her new 25 album THREE TIMES since it released in November. That actually makes laugh because that means I probably have spoken about her way too much to my friends 🙂  This magazine was pretty tricky for me to track down for some reason, so I am happy to have found one before it was off the shelves. You can read the article online, but I knew it would be worth it to own a physical copy! #superfan

Anyone have any favorite things they were gifted over the Christmas Holidays? Share!

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