Iceland Adventures

As I sit down to put this blog post together, I have been informed that the Kardashians are currently vacationing in Iceland. Darn it … just missed them 😛

 If you follow me on social media, Facebook and Instagram, you know I recently ventured to Iceland for a week and a half. I had the pleasure of traveling with my dear friend, Sarah, as well as one of her college roommates for the first few days. In high school, Sarah and I traveled with a class to Europe, so it was really special to be outside of the country with her again all these years later. She moved to New York just two days after we returned, which made me appreciate her as my travel buddy that much more! Go show the big apple what you’re made of, friend!

The plan for our Iceland adventure was simple … travel Ring Road! It was thrilling that the only agenda was to arrive at each stay we booked, which was different each night. I thought that would make the trip a bit more tiring, but it was quite refreshing and exciting to see where we would end up at the end of the day. In the morning we’d pack up our things, hit the road, and stop at our desired scenic locations of interest, chatting about life and sprinkling in podcasts/music along the way. Later into the trip, I was taking a morning hike and was reflecting on the time away, and I realized that Iceland was an experience and getaway that I did not know I needed. It was a chance for me to spend time with an incredible friend, create memories, break away from routine, and see a memorizing part of the world. Don’t worry, Chicago, I stilled missed you!

It was nearly impossible deciding which images to share, but here are some highlights!

 10 fun facts about Iceland:

  • 60% of the Icelandic population lives in Reykjavík
  • Roughly 85 percent of Iceland’s energy is from renewable resources, and well over half of that is geothermal alone
  • The Icelandic police don’t carry guns. Crime in Iceland is very low and violent crime is practically nonexistent
  • Iceland was one of the last places on earth to be settled by humans
  • Mosquitoes do not exist in Iceland
  • There is a volcanic eruption every 4 years on average
  • The Icelandic language remains unchanged from ancient Norse. That means 1,000-year-old texts are still easily read
  • Iceland does not have an army, navy or air force
  • In the telephone book everyone is listed by their first name
  • Icelandic water is so clean and pure that it is piped into the city and to the kitchen taps in the home without any treatment (no chlorination needed)

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